Feb 12, 2014

A Page from My Journal : Pregnancy Life Savers

On Monday I'll be entering my third trimester. Where has the time gone? I must say that while it's been no walk in the park, I do believe I've handled this pregnancy pretty well. I was fortunate to have limited morning sickness, although I did experience extreme exhaustion. I've had little to no lower back pain or swelling and my energy level is relatively high. I'm still teaching several classes a week (9) and feel like I can keep up this schedule for at least the next few weeks. If you're wondering how I've been handling it, here are my tips:

  • I Sleep in a Sea of Pillows: My mother-in-law bought me this Maternity Pillow early on. While I initially used just one section of the three piece pillow, I'm now up to two sections. Quite honestly I believe a regular body pillow would work equally as good (if not better) but it's nice to be able to have one section in front of me and one behind me. Pay attention to keep the pillow between your legs to support your hips and lower back while you sleep. 
  • Chiropractor: I have gone to the chiropractor every week of my pregnancy and he has been a huge help in preventing lower back pain and dealing with stress, inflammation and insomnia. He also will now help to ensure that Christian remains in the correct position for birth. 
  • Get Your Greens: While salads still don't have the same effect they once did, I recognize the importance of getting my daily greens. Whether it be in a cold pressed juice or smoothie, make sure you're eating your veggies everyday. Throw a handful of kale or spinach into a fruit smoothie or make a big sandwich loaded with veggies. You can trick yourself into eating vegetables without torturing your tastebuds! 
  • Exercise: I've said it before and I'll say it again… Maintaining my fitness level has been absolutely key for my overall well-being. While I've gained a little more than I'd have liked at this point, I still feel strong and like I've kept my shape (just a huge belly!) . Teaching/exercising seems to be one of the only times I still feel in control of my body and during those first few months, It's the only thing that gave me some energy. At the very least, try some of these stretches to relieve aches and pains. 
  • Infused Water: Not only is adding a little fruit to your water a delicious way to drink up, adding cucumber or lemon will help to deal with swollen limbs and more. I'm so lucky to be able to still wear all my shoes (even the heels) and my rings! No swelling here…yet.  
  • A Lot of Healthy Snacks: I'm constantly snacking throughout the day on Larabars, avocado toast, greek yogurt, or fruit. It's so important not to let yourself get malnourished. Not only will you be feeling extra exhausted and/or have that nausea creep in, but you'll be more apt to give in to those not so healthy cravings. Chia seeds are a great superfood to start adding to your diet too -- they'll help to keep you regular. 

While I still have about three months left, I'm so happy with how far I've come. I've finally surrendered my body to the tiny miracle that it is producing. I can't wait to meet my little boy!

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