Apr 8, 2014

Festive (& healthy!) Beach Babe Birthday Cake

It's my birthday and I'll eat cake for breakfast if I want to... especially when it's watermelon cake (you can read about all the benefits of watermelon here). Yum! My sis sent me this amazing recipe a few weeks ago and I decided that today was the perfect day to share it with all of you. Lucky for me, I plan to celebrate my birthday all week, but there's only so much sugary yumminess I can handle. So, as a healthy alternative to chocolate or red velvet, how about watermelon cake?!

One Large Watermelon
Whipped Cream
Your Choice of Toppings

Topping Suggestions: Nuts, berries, coconut, chocolate chips... go wild! 

To make
Cut off the top and bottom from the watermelon and carefully slice off the remaining rind. You should be left with a cake-shaped piece of watermelon. Pat the outside of the watermelon dry with paper towels (this is important because it will help the whipped cream stick). Top with whipped cream and your favorite fresh fruit. Serve or store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

If you're feeling ambitious, try this coconut whipped cream recipe. Healthy fats plus all the benefits of watermelon... perfect cake. 

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