Oct 1, 2014

"Flu" Is not a Season

Last I checked, there are four seasons in a year and "flu" is not one of them. Regardless, many of us now refer to Fall as "flu season" and it does seem that most people get sick around this time of year. And no, it's not because the weather is colder.

During the fall, our bodies must learn to adapt to a different lifestyle. The Fall is a busy time of year... back to school, back to work, back to reality. We are also faced with the holidays and with them come holiday treats. Even I am a victim of succumbing to the delicious flavors of fall. Pumpkin spiced latt├ęs, Halloween candy, thicker stews and heavier dishes to "store up for winter."

Furthermore, as we pack away our summer bikinis, our motivation to workout seems to diminish as well. We no longer find ourselves basking in the summer sun, meeting our friends for a healthy game of tennis, but instead meet at the bar for a glass of wine or to bake some cookies. To top it off, our favorite TV shows have returned and we are staying up wayyy past our summer bedtime (Scandal, anyone?).

It seems to me that "flu season" is merely an inability to adapt due to decreased activity, sun exposure (adios vitamin D) and sleep, and increased sugar intake and stress. No wonder so many of us find ourselves sick this time of the year!

So what can we do to stay healthy this time of year? Aaaahemmm... I'm so glad you asked :)
  • Hit the gym: Don't skimp on your workout just because summer is over. Remember the Beach Babe motto "Not just skinny for summer, but fit for life!"
  • Ditch the Desserts: I'm such a sucker when it comes to sweets. They introduced some new chocolates at Trader Joe's this week and sure enough, I've been eating them everyday since. Ahhh! That's it, I'm throwing them away and I'm only giving myself one cheat day a week. 
  • Juice and Eat your Greens: Remember that you are what you eat so make sure that you give your body the nutrients it needs. Have a large salad loaded with raw veggies or make a fresh green juice every. single. day. Now is also a great time for a cleanse!
  • Get Your ZZzzs: Take advantage of online viewing and save your favorite TV shows for a more reasonable hour. Turn off the TV and go to sleep! You'll be so much happier, healthier and well rested.
Three cheers for the Fall season and staying flu free all year round! 

PS. I do not recommend the flu shot... ever... period. 

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