Dec 9, 2014

Online Course : How to Teach a Barre Fitness Class

Hi Babes! I've got some exciting news! Over the past few months I have been working with on an online course to teach you how to instruct a Barre fitness class. Over ten lessons and 100 minutes, I break down a Barre fitness class step-by-step.

I'm sharing everything from proper form, technique, and a class template, to my tips and tricks to take your class from ordinary to extraordinary. It's the perfect course for fitness instructors looking to add another type of class to their repertoire or even for someone interested in breaking into the fitness industry but don't know where to start. I share my personal story of how I started teaching as well as my tips to get hired by studios and gyms.

I'm super excited about this course and I'm confident that after 10 lessons, you'll be equipped to start teaching your very own barre class. Head on over to and purchase my course here for only $14.99... I know, what a bargain! x

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