Dec 12, 2014

Beach Babe : Katie Bond

This is one of my most encouraging interviews yet! As a personal trainer, yoga and spin instructor annnd founder of The Peace Exchange, this babe does it all. Meet Katie Bond, a fitness enthusiast and philanthropist. I'm honored to work at The Art of Fitness with this inspiring woman... 

Introduce Yourself:  
Hello - I'm Katie Bond - fitness and yoga enthusiast by day and fair trade entrapreneur by night.  Ohio born and raised I was taught that kindness goes a long way.  As a Laguna Beach local for the past seven years, I am happy to call this oasis by the sea my home.  

You teach both spin and yoga classes. What makes these two classes a good combo? 
It's the yin and the yang so to speak.  I like variety.  Spin is all cardio with fun music and workout sets that give you a total detox and sweat.  Yoga is body awareness, control, opening the body up through stretching postures and relaxation.  Both spin and yoga require focus and allow you to de-stress.  I love both equally and see how they are similar and also totally opposite.  The combination of the two gives a great workout with high-intensity cardio, toning, and stretching.  

How do you encourage your clients?  
My fitness motto is "Work Hard.  Have Fun."  I love to encourage people.  Life is stressful enough as is, so workouts need to be fun for the clients.  

What’s your favorite class to teach and why?  
I love to teach my Tuesday/Thursday Gentle Yoga.  It's a total release.  It's important to have a balance in your workouts as well as in life. Because I push so hard in my other classes, I take this class while I teach and feel nothing but zen when it's over.  

What’s one misperception about yoga that you wish you could change?  
You do not have to be flexible to start!  Flexibility comes the more yoga one takes.  

Your personal website and blog are called Travel and Yoga, what is it about the two that go well together? 
I've found that both require a level of flexibility (one's mental and one's physical but both needed).  You learn so much about yourself through yoga and through traveling.  Patience is required in both.  Love of others is cultivated in both.  And, through yoga and traveling I have met some wonderful people. 

What inspired you to create The Peace Exchange?  
From a young age I always knew I would be doing international work and helping others.  It was not until college that I learned about fair trade and how it can create sustainable change by giving empowerment to women and children living in the poorest places on the globe.  I had gone on many volunteer trips to help with various projects around the world, yet always left feeling like the trip was more about me learning something and I never really felt like I left the locals with anything tangible to help in their need.  After years working and volunteering in fair trade an opportunity presented itself to me to work with women in the Congo.  I was asked to partner with a sewing workshop and create a grass-roots fair trade program.  I said yes.  The Peace Exchange was born... 

Of all places, why did you choose The Congo? 
I like to think that Congo chose me.  I was asked to create a fair trade program.  Little did I know how much work it would be.  Working in Congo is hard because it is known as the rape capital of the world - yet working here is rewarding because you see the direct impact being made in the lives of women and children.    I am happy to say that as a local non-profit we are growing with a board of 11 members and a new sewing center opening in Bukavu, South Kivu DRC this week.  And, in 2015 we are expanding our efforts to paper and jewelry making in Nepal.  

Words to live by?  "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  -Ghandi  

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