Feb 11, 2015

Weekly Readings + a Valentine's Shout out to Thirdlove

Happy Wednesday Babes! I've got a hodgepodge of goodies to share with you today. Before you check out all the fun articles I've read lately, I must introduce you to Thirdlove. They recently sent me a free set of lingerie and oh my gawd... Best bra and booty shorts ever. What a treat for a dear old mom (and dad).

I downloaded Thridlove's App and did the coolest thing on my phone. I took a couple of photos in the mirror, (one from the front, and one from the side) and the app was able to find my bra size, which was quite nice since after breastfeeding for nearly nine months (still am) I had no idea what size these babies are. I've also teetered between two different cup sizes and guess what? They offer half sizes. Amaze. Valentines Day Outfit... check.  This mama has never felt so good. Thanks Thirdlove!

Use code BEACHBABE10 to get 10% off your purchase and a free fitting using the Thirdlove App. 
(PS. you don't have to purchase anything to get fitted which was seriously fun...technology is just too cool)

And Now for your weekly readings... 

On Health: 

On Fitness: 

On Motherhood & Fitness: 

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