May 7, 2015

3 Ways to Hold Your Baby & Protect Your Back

I now know why young moms have the best arms... it's from holding that big baby all time! Man oh man my arms get sore. I always know when Christian has put on a little weight because my shoulders start to hurt... Not to mention my aching back.

To protect my back I've done a little research on the best way to carry my sweet boy. Here are 3 ways to hold your baby & protect your back.

1. Make sure when you lift your baby, SQUAT! Use your legs and not your back and don't bend at the waist, bend at the knees. My squat game is on point these days. I drop down to pick up my boy at least 50x a day... also keep this in mind when cleaning up toys, picking up the stroller etc etc.

2. The car can be especially tricky with a baby. When putting your baby into the car seat, get in the car and sit next to him when you to buckle him in. That way, you won't stay hunched over the seat adding unwanted pressure on your spine.

3. Hip carrying is one of the easiest ways to multitask with a baby, but it's also one of the positions that puts the most strain on our back. So unlike the bad example I'm setting in the photo above, try to carry your baby in front of you to create a much safer and supported environment for your back.

Last but certainly not least, my biggest piece of advice for a healthy spine is a strong CORE. Make sure to try out my 5 Exercises to stregthen your Core and reduce back pain. Also, check out these 5 stretches for nursing mamas! xx

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