Jun 7, 2013

Sprint into Summer

My classes have been exceptionally large this week. It's so exciting to have a full class, but I know that the crowds are due to panic mode... summer is officially upon us! I realize, summer can creep up on us quickly. One day it's rainy spring and the next it's time to break out the bikinis. The fourth is less than four weeks away, which means if you haven't been working on that physique until now, it's time to kick it into high gear! With less than a month to bare your beach babe body, what can we do to quickly get in shape?

Summer Sprints
  • Watch what you eat. Portion control is important. Make healthy choices. Stick to mostly vegetables, clean sources of protein (limit dairy), and limit even your fruit intake.... Remember that most fruits are still loaded with sugar! 
  • Start drinking more water. Remember the water challenge? Swap your evening cocktail for water. Not only will you notice the difference in your waistline, when the fourth arrives, one glass of sangria will make you very happy :)
  • The best way to get in shape quickly is interval training -- workout hard at least five days a week. I incorporate interval training into all of my classes because it works!  If you usually walk or run, add sprinting to your workout. In addition to this HIIT workout, you can get a fantastic workout in only 5 minutes through sprint training. Get a stop watch and find a trail (school's out so take advantage of your local high school track!) or even a treadmill. Run as fast as you can for 20 seconds, walk for 10 seconds, sprint for another 20 seconds, walk for another 10 seconds, sprint then walk for a total of at least five minutes! 
Commit to these three steps for a month and notice the difference. Photos last forever, so stick to it. It will be worth it! Also, remember our motto here at Beach Babe Fitness, "Skinny for summer, how about fit for life?" Set up a plan to keep momentum going even when the sun's not out. If you're not completely satisfied with your body this year, stick to your workout routine long after summer break and you'll be a beach babe in no time :)

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